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An airline pilot and management consultant, and his wife Henrietta, downsizing to live like peasants on the remote Greek Island of Amorgos. From mains water and electricity to collecting rain water and lighting the house with oil lamps and candles. From the comforts of a ‘flight deck’ and a Jaguar XJS to an inhospitable ‘ship deck’ and a donkey.  From the stresses of civilization to a simple island existence.

By Paul  Delahunt-Rimmer

Out of the rat race into the fire

This book describes the beauty of Amorgos, the clear blue sea and sky, golden sandy beaches and the spectacular craggy mountains. It introduces the generous and friendly islanders and their traditional culture. The author perfectly captures the unique philosophy of the island. The donkey identity parade, the toddler left on the ferry, the naked postman, the aged aunt who was mistakenly purchased with the house, an alternative use for prayer books and how to make raki.

It is all here, along with many insights into the life of the islanders whose families have lived on Amorgos for centuries.

ISBN Number:  9780955628863

In praise of ‘Out of the Rat Race into the Fire’...


"An excellent read with laugh-out-loud moments that sneak up on you unexpectedly. It's hard to believe that a place like Amorgos still exists in the 21st century. You can almost smell the wild herbs crushed underfoot as Paul Delahunt-Rimmer takes us all over the island on various errands and of course, on the walking tours. Each new character is introduced with equal quirkyness yet care is taken not to reduce the local folk to stereotypes. Recommended."


"Having visited Amorgos once, some ten years ago, I am so pleased that somebody has managed to get the essence of this wonderful island and commit it to print. A must-read book, about a must-visit island. I do hope that the years are kind to Amorgos, and it manages to keep just out of the reach of modern times. "


"This is an outstanding account of a complete change of lifestyle. It is informative, entertaining and absolutely hilarious in places. It is a move that many of us dream about but never dare to try. I am going to use it as a handbook for retirement."